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Review guidelines

Review guidelines

We value your opinion. Share your experiences and help other customers with your review. Here are some guidelines.

What is a good review?

  • Describes how you wear and combine the product
  • Underbuilds your review with facts
  • Is relevant and focuses on the product
  • Describes positives and indicates room for improvement
  • Is written in a clear understandable language
  • Has a minimal length of 20 words

Your review is not withheld in case of:

  • Insufficient content, for example reviews of only a few words will not pass
  • Sentences in capitals or other distractions
  • Copies from other sources
  • Missing contact data such as telephone nr, address, etc.
  • Irrelevant content
  • Use of offensive language

In case you have questions about your review, please contact our customer service.


A picture paints a thousand words. Upload your picture(s) en let others see how you wear the product or what effect the product has on your body.

What is a good picture?

  • Pictures of you wearing the product.
  • Mood pictures : showing you while you are wearing the product on a special moment or in a special situation
  • Detailed pictures like close-ups, showing the pattern, the effect of the product, ...

Your picture will not be withheld in case of:

  • Irrelevant content
  • Offensive or explicit images
  • Plagiarism
  • Low quality or images which are not JPEG-, PNG- of GIF-formats
  • Files larger than 1 MB

Ideas, questions or comments?

Our review pages can always be improved. Do you have ideas, questions or comments? Let us know through our contact form or via email info@jolilly.com. We are grateful for your feedback!